03 April 2012

Budget Busters: April

If you love books, you've got a book budget.  It's not necessarily written down or typed up with fancy equations in Excel, but at the very least, in the back of your mind, you're thinking, I can only spend THIS MUCH on books this month!  And if you love books, you know that your budget, as complicated or simple as it is, is going out the window as soon as you walk into that bookstore "just to see what they have."

In celebration of blown book budgets everywhere, I am posting the new releases coming out this month, that I will definitely consider breaking my budget on.  I'd be living in a box and eating ramen for the rest of my life if I bought them all, but in my dreams, where the term "book budget" doesn't exist, I will be lining my personal library with all of them.  Click on a book's cover image to be directed to its Goodreads page.

April 1 - 7

April 8 - 14

April 15 - 21

April 22 - 28

What is your book budget for the month of April, and what books are you planning on busting it on?


  1. I haven't really got a fixed budget, I simply try not to buy 'too many'...and the number of 'too many' is also relative! :-) On my list for April Grave Mercy, The Immortal Rules and theeee one for May: Insurgent!

  2. Wow! You're bad for my pocketbook. These all look great! Masque of the Red Death is getting some great reviews! Spend your money wisely. :D

  3. I don't have a budget but I do keep trying to put myself on a book-buying-ban only I keep forgetting and buying more books!

    April looks like such a good month for books, I want The List, Unravelling and The Story of Us


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