26 January 2012

re-reading who?

So it's been what, seven months since I've posted on this blog?  And do you know how many "Required Reading" titles I've read?  Nada.

I think, in theory, this blog was and still is a good idea.  My execution?  Not so great.  I ranted about having to read a book on someone else's schedule, and what did I do?  I gave myself a schedule.  And I threw it out the window and cheated on it with non-required book after non-required book.  I turned this project into something I didn't want it to be and abandoned it as a result.

I don't want Re-Reading High School to be all about high school books, but at it's core, that's what it is SUPPOSED to be about.  This is a project that I started and stalled on, yet still want to finish.  It may take some time to figure out how I want to do it, and what exactly this blog should be, but Re-Reading High School will continue in some shape or form.

Just not today.  Maybe tomorrow?  Tomorrow sounds good.

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